Student Testimonial: My Experience Being Sponsored by a Senior

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Apr 12, 2017 3:21:11 PM


The community of St. Lawrence Seminary High School is formed through strong bonds between students and faculty alike. St. Lawrence has created a tight-knit community that separates itself from typical high schools. Each student is placed into a fraternity, which includes around ten to twelve students. Fraternities are created with care and have balanced characteristics like grade, culture, and compatibility.

What makes these fraternities so special is the relationship between the freshmen and the seniors in the group. Each freshman is sponsored by a senior. This “mentorship” is meant to help freshmen students become comfortable at St. Lawrence during such an exciting transition period. Senior sponsors join their freshmen counterparts in chapel, liturgical ministries for mass, and many social events.

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A Student's Perspective: What SLS’s Core Values Mean to Me

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Mar 17, 2017 2:37:54 PM

In a way, you really can’t miss the values of St. Lawrence Seminary, because they are everywhere. Literally. They are printed in every copy of the Student Handbook, a framed copy is enshrined in every meeting room, study hall, classroom, and even the wall of the Welcome Center (main entrance) lists the values written in letters over a foot tall.

So what are these core values?:

Spirituality, Diversity, Social Skills, Humble Commitment, Knowledge, and Safe Community.

Note: For more information on St. Lawrence Seminary High School’s values, visit our website and read up on our mission statement.

These are the values. But what do these values mean? Are they just nice words, or do they make a difference in the day-to-day lives of those associated with St. Lawrence Seminary?

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St. Lawrence Seminary’s Angel Tree Project

Posted by Katie Daane on Dec 20, 2016 11:46:00 AM

Advent literally means “coming,” and it is celebrated by many Catholics as a time of preparation. We look to the coming of Christ and work to spread His message of love and hope with all whom we encounter.

While many people in the world prepare for Christmas in myriad ways, the students and staff at St. Lawrence Seminary High School prepare for it in one very special way: through their participation in Angel Tree, a Prison Fellowship program.

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Infographic: A Day in the Life of a St. Lawrence Student

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Dec 13, 2016 11:43:00 AM

If you're considering sending your son to St. Lawrence Seminary High School, you and your son probably have questions regarding what a day-in-the-life looks like at SLS.

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Ask a Student: Why did Jose Mercado choose St. Lawrence Seminary High School?

Posted by Katie Daane on Oct 25, 2016 11:13:00 AM

The choice to attend St. Lawrence Seminary is an intensely personal one. It often involves many influences, including the student’s preferences, the parents’ concerns, family connections to the school, and more. However, for all high school students who attend SLS, the choice is one that has the opportunity to transform their lives. For one current student, senior Jose Mercado, the choice was an easy one once he’d visited the Hill and certainly one that has transformed his life.

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Ask a Student: What Was Your Experience at St. Lawrence?

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Oct 3, 2016 2:56:00 PM


Meet Steve Brannon: a St. Lawrence Seminary High School graduate. Steve tells the story of how he came to hear about St. Lawrence followed by his experience as a student at a private Catholic high school.

Having heard about St. Lawrence from both his father and his peers, Steve was a bit wary about moving several hours away to attend an all-boy boarding school. But after attending a Weekend Visit at St. Lawrence, Steve was impressed by the sense of brotherhood, respect, and faith that students at St. Lawrence prioritize.

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