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17 Life Skills You Should Learn Before College

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Jan 4, 2018 11:00:00 AM

SLS Mission Statement Updated 2015-1.jpgA boarding school may be an excellent way to prepare for future success in practical ways. The unique setting of a boarding school promotes numerous life skills. Many of these skills, as detailed below, are exactly the sort of skills usable in adult life and also the kind of skills that employers look for in potential employees: being independent, working well with others, problem solving, time management and sensitive to a wide variety of personal differences in peers, and displaying aptitude for loyalty, dependability and competence.

In addition to these skills, St. Lawrence Seminary High School encourages students to have a well-rounded knowledge of all common and practical life skills. These skills will not only help a student feel confident, but will make them independent and capable young adults.

1. Personal communication & social skills

One of St. Lawrence Seminary High School’s core values is social skills. Their goal is to teach each students how to interact in an effective, positive and respectful manner with all individuals.

2. Time management

3. How to drive a car

St. Lawrence is proud to offer both domestic and international students with an opportunity to learn how to drive and obtain their Driver’s License. While students are not allowed to have a car on campus, the school does encourage students to acquire their license. There are additional fees for this program. If you are interested in enrolling your son in this program, please contact the Office of Admissions at (920)753-7500.

4. Basic cooking

The Cooking Club at St. Lawrence Seminary, which is open to all seniors, aims to introduce members to the fundamentals of cooking during their monthly meetings. These fundamentals include learning how to cut and prepare foods properly and safely, and work toward more advanced skills like creating specialty foods and exploring unique ingredients. The Cooking Club also offers the value of learning in a community setting. Preparing a meal and eating as a group is a great way to promote community. 

5. Basic household repairs

6. Basic car maintenance

7. Basic first aid

8. Basic finances & taxes

St. Lawrence Seminary offers numerous electives for students, such as accounting and economics. These classes aim to educate students about world finances, taxes and personal finances.


9. How to accept constructive criticism

10. How to create a resume

11. The basics of how local, state and federal governments work

12. Work - school - play balance

This is an important skill as students get older and become more independent, especially in their college years. Some students find it helpful to keep a daily planner. This helps them keep track of both school work, extracurricular activities and other appointments. It also helps them schedule free time for leisure activities or hobbies. Staying organized is a key element to having a healthy and happy work-school-play life balance!

13. How to vote

14. Know when to ask for help

When new students arrive on campus, they are immediately paired with a faculty/staff mentor who works with them throughout the year - supporting them in academics and serving as a sounding board for any issues that arise inside and outside of the classroom. Through this mentorship, students are encouraged to ask for help when needed. The relationship between mentors and mentees help form confidence in a student’s own ability to be independent, but know when it is appropriate to ask for help.

15. Workplace etiquette - including attire

16. Civil and community responsibilities

Students at St. Lawrence Seminary High School are taught the value of Humble Commitment - serving by sacrificing for others, which is one of the core traits of civil and community responsibilities. Civic responsibilities include participation in government through voting, volunteering, an active life in church, and charity. Students are encouraged to live their life as God leads them - as mature, well-rounded men of faith.

Students at St. Lawrence Seminary participate in many community service events throughout the school year. To learn more about the great work the students do, check out our Ministry page!


17. Follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be true to who you are

Above all, St. Lawrence Seminary teaches students to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and St. Francis of Assisi. Though these examples, St. Lawrence provides a college preparatory education in a living, supportive Catholic community while they nurture students into mature, well-rounded men of faith.

As Katie Daane, an English Teacher, said:

All of the experiences a student has on the Hill are meant to enrich their lives off the Hill.

They don’t stop being a Son of Calvary because they leave the Hill, and the experiences they have here very clearly guide the steps they take after graduation. Their participation in our spiritual life sows seeds of faith that don’t always fully blossom while on the Hill but very often germinate throughout their lives. The residential program develops our students’ social skills, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into the broader society and even to stand out as men of moral character once they’ve left the Hill. Our co-curricular program lets them explore where their interests truly lie so that they may cultivate and use their talents to the fullest for the good of their communities.

Are you interested in learning more about St. Lawrence Seminary High School? We encourage you to contact us for more information !

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