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Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Nov 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM
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two boys posing for the camera, both wearing masks


a group of boys posing for the camera, all wearing masks


No one can deny that education looks different this year. Masks, social distancing, virtual classes, and alternating schedules have now become part of everyday life for families. Parents are balancing new forms of education with the variable that on any given day, schedules may need to be completely reworked. 
For St. Lawrence Seminary High School (SLS), our Reopening Task Force began making plans this past spring on how to continue striving to meet our core values, namely, how to create a safe environment. SLS has always been focused on reopening in-person because its residential aspect is essential to rounding out our holistic approach to education. Since reopening in August, SLS has not had a positive case of Covid among its students, which is impressive considering that students come from cities around the globe and have been participating in fall sports. Parents are relieved that we can continue offering a strong Catholic education and social development opportunities for their sons. This is why, for the first time in the history of the school, St. Lawrence Seminary is accepting applications for students to enroll at the beginning of the second semester.

Life on campus has changed; students have adapted to not having the usual weekend trips off campus and the plethora of dish options at meals. Parents and students alike have understood that the changes in weekend breaks and activities are to keep communities safe from the virus. Despite these forfeits to normal life at SLS, significant growth has been seen in the bonds between peers. The prominent brotherhood here has been amplified through this shared experience, with faculty playing a more significant role in students’ lives than ever before. Cross country and soccer teammates have bolstered each other to a height where for the first time since 1997, SLS qualified and nearly won the state soccer title while the cross country team had a 1st and 8th place finisher at their season’s final conference. The emphasis on fraternity bonding and ministry has been sustained through activities like our “Halloween Drive-Through” which allowed fraternities to perform a biblically themed skit for local area families as a way to continue serving one another and sharing the hope of Christ. Through it all, prayer unifies our students and staff with a common goal of making each other into saints.

Yes, the pandemic has interrupted our lives, and it still remains unclear as to when the end will be in sight. In these times of great struggle and sacrifice, remember to trust God and find ways to boost hope and camaraderie among your own community.

SLS is an all-boys, catholic boarding school in Mt. Calvary, WI; they are open to transfer students in 9-11th grade for the start of the second semester on January 10th. Contact an Admissions Coordinator for more information:

Andrea School
(920) 753-7512

Bryant Romero
(920) 753-7502

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