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The High School Selection Process - Finding Your Fit

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Oct 14, 2021 2:45:49 PM



When looking at high schools, parents and students have numerous options to consider. There are public and private schools, religious and non-religious institutions, even the size of a school can weigh in on a decision. But let’s not forget that boarding schools can be a perfect fit.

Why Boarding School?

Boarding schools allow students to develop academically by being surrounded with focused, like-minded teens while taking an added level of responsibility for their education. As a result, they acquire and strengthen life skills like self-discipline, time management, work ethic, and independence much sooner than other students their age. And, when students live on campus, they have access to many options for advanced learning and personal growth through a myriad of clubs and activities.

At St. Lawrence Seminary High School, we have welcomed young men through our doors for more than 160 years, rank as one of the top Catholic schools in the Midwest, and we are proud to educate a student body where each student is a practicing Catholic. It is one way we set our school apart from others; not many schools can say its entire student body is Catholic.

A student at St. Lawrence is not just another kid in the classroom. Each young man is a respected part of the family. It’s his opportunity to take the time to discover his talents, learn, and grow. We excel at living out the values of our four pillars:

  • Academic excellence
  • Spiritual formation
  • Community building
  • Co-curricular activities

College Prepared Students

St. Lawrence prepares its students for college - and beyond. Our college-prep curriculum ensures that the students truly understand how their learning applies to the real world. We also offer college credited courses through partnerships with Marian and Cardinal Stritch Universities.

Also contributing to students’ achievements is the student-faculty ratio, which is 9:1, offering learners easy access to faculty for questions and extra help. We are proud to report our St. Lawrence graduates have a 100 percent acceptance rate to college (yes, 100 percent!).

Take the Next Step

We invite and encourage students to participate in a weekend visit to experience all St. Lawrence offers. It is open to current eighth, ninth, and tenth-grade students, starts on Friday, and goes until Saturday with the option of staying through Sunday. The weekend visit allows students to get a genuine feel for St. Lawrence as they immerse themselves in life here during the school year.

Want to learn more? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at (920) 753-7570, schedule a campus tour, or apply now.

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