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What's the Difference Between a Boarding School and Private School?

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on May 7, 2019 11:34:00 AM


Choosing a school for your son is an important consideration. Both private schools and boarding schools offer many benefits, but there are a few key differences. At St. Lawrence, we find these differences provide more opportunities for students to form lasting relationships while also learning how to be independent in a safe environment.

1. Boarding Schools Provide an Exceptional Academic Curriculum

One of the major benefits of a boarding school education is an exceptional academic environment. Boarding schools are often designed to have a college preparatory focus, which encourages and promotes academic excellence. And in turn, the expectation levels are high for both students and teachers.

2. Boarding Schools Provide a Strong Sense of Community with Both Peers and Teachers

Boarding schools allow students and professors to be available at “odd hours.” This is a distinct advantage over traditional day schools because the accessibility allows groups to meet, study, and prepare materials prior to a big test or class presentation.

What’s even greater is that classmates are available to each other for more than just academic support. Living in close proximity to one another allows students to easily go out and play sports, get some food, or just meet casually. Friends at boarding school become a second family, as they are together for a variety of different life experiences.

3. Boarding Schools Teach Structure and Promote Life Skills

The structured environment of boarding school, while challenging for some, is a benefit for many. Students are given scheduled class times, but much of their time spent out of class will be up to them to plan and organize. Students must learn how to prioritize and balance academics, clubs, sports, service opportunities, leisure time, and other extracurricular activities.

4. Boarding Schools Produce College-Ready Graduates

At college prep schools, students are fully aware that the work and effort they are putting into their education is in preparation for their next step: the college classroom. The tasks, homework, projects, and tests are designed to challenge students in a way that builds confidence later down the road.

St. Lawrence Seminary High School is ahead of the game when it comes to preparing its students for academic and spiritual success.

St. Lawrence Seminary High School is a college-preparatory Catholic boarding school deep in the heart of Wisconsin. At SLS, we provide a quality education that encourages young men of faith to embrace their full potential and graduate as men with substantial leadership capabilities. We do this by offering a holistic program that focuses on more than just academics.

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