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How Do Boarding Schools Promote Life Skills?

Posted by Jeff Krieg on Mar 7, 2017 2:03:03 PM

A boarding school may be an excellent way to prepare for future success in practical ways. The unique setting of a boarding school promotes numerous life skills. Many of these skills, as detailed below, are exactly the sorts of skills usable in adult life and also the kind of skills that employers look for in potential employees: being independent, working well with others, creative problem solving, being open and sensitive to a wide variety of personal differences in peers, and displaying aptitude for loyalty, dependability and competence.

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7 Reasons Why Extracurriculars are Essential to a High School Student’s Career

Posted by Jeff Krieg on Nov 4, 2016 12:24:00 PM

“What are you ‘in’ in school?” is a common question asked among students. In other words, what activities do you do? What clubs do you belong to? And why are these extra activities of any value?

Many people would agree that, long after high school, they have fond memories of extracurricular activities and realize that belonging to those activities taught lessons of inestimable value, much like the lessons learned in a formal classroom setting. Many high schools offer students an array of extracurricular activities, which sharpen a student’s social and academic skills while providing experience for future careers and strengthening relationships so important to the overall high school experience.

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