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How St. Lawrence Helped Me Be a Better Husband, Father, and Man

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Mar 21, 2017 12:20:00 PM


My name is Tyler. I graduated from St. Lawrence Seminary in 2002. I currently live in Cottage Grove, MN with my wife Tara, and our 6 children (2 sons and 4 daughters).

Through the values taught at St. Lawrence, I learned how to truly grow, from being a boy, to becoming a man. It showed me that a man sacrifices for others, in the name of God, not himself. St. Lawrence taught me these sacrifices through work crews, public ministry, and service to those in need. It instilled the values of proper respect for life, for your brother, and most importantly, for God.

Note: Are you wondering what a typical day looks like for a student at St. Lawrence Seminary High School? Check out this infographic we put together on
A Day in the Life of a St. Lawrence Student.

Read on for some perspective on how my time at St. Lawrence Seminary High School helped me be a better husband, father, and man.

My SLS education taught me how to problem solve.

When I struggle with my job, when there’s anything in life that presents itself as an unsolvable problem, I hear the words of my Latin instructor, Mr. David Gritt, “You think too much. Just take care of it.” That makes me smile and focus on the resolution to the problem, not my problem with the problem.

My SLS education advanced my spiritual growth.

St. Lawrence fostered spiritual growth in me that I carried after graduating. I kept learning and using the tools given to me from the Hill to give of myself to others. As a husband, I can absolutely affirm, that the most important aspect of a marriage is faith. Not just a stagnant faith. A faith that makes young men shout at the top of their lungs on a Sunday in mass, singing in praise. A faith that bonds a group of young people from around the world together for their entire lives. This faith which I have kept, which began at St. Lawrence, has grown into a beautiful foundation on which my wife and I have built our marriage.

My SLS education taught me about love.

At St. Lawrence, I learned from a wise friar, Fr. Dennis Druggan, that love is not a feeling but rather an act of the will. He showed me how to care for others, how to build others up, and how to encourage and bring growth. I’ve kept this lesson and utilize it with my children. An open door, an open ear, and an open heart is what Fr. Dennis showed me, and I give my best effort to do the same with my children each and every day.

By attending St. Lawrence Seminary, I found myself as a young boy. Through the experiences with coaches, staff, teachers, friars, and classmates, I found myself slowly but surely becoming a man. I’ve learned life lessons: the blessed Rosaries and prayer with Br. Dismas Seward, the push to be a better athlete and student by Mr. Dave Bartel, the courage and firm resolve to be a better man from Br. John Willger, and the challenge to stay a student every day of every year by always learning from Mr. Lou Wappel.

Life on the Hill of Happiness taught me to always work at being the best version of myself that I can be. To never stop loving and to always turn to the Lord.



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