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Making the decision to enroll in a private, Catholic high school is an exciting one, but it also comes with its questions and challenges. Light on The Hill is designed to keep prospective and current students — and their parents — up-to-date on news, thoughts, and events relevant to the mission and values at St. Lawrence Seminary High School. 

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How SLS Helps Young Men Grow in Virtue

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Feb 16, 2021 4:00:00 PM

If you ask students, parents, alumni, and faculty what it is that makes St. Lawrence Seminary special, you are likely to get a range of answers. But nearly every answer will lead you back to SLS’s Mission and Values. These core beliefs are at the heart of every rationale, decision, and aspect of our program. Over the course of two, three, or four years, boys who are daring enough to embrace our program grow into impressive young men of faith. We ask a lot of our students, but we work to instill in them the tools they need to live the six core values of St. Lawrence Seminary.

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Topics: Faith & Formation, Mission & Values, College & Life Preparation

What are the Benefits of Boarding School?

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Jan 15, 2021 5:00:00 PM

When considering an education for your child, there are many factors to evaluate. What quality of education will my child receive? Is it worth the cost and commitment? What are the advantages? The benefit of a catholic boarding school is valued in the variety of immersive experiences centered on the growth of its individual students. Catholic boarding schools pair a challenging curriculum and robust student life alongside theological Catholic thought.

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Topics: Boarding School for High School

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan—Staying Open in a Time of COVID-19

Posted by Anthony Van Asten on Dec 23, 2020 12:30:00 PM

The virtual Christmas concert is over. The students have gone home. Campus is quiet. I have submitted my grades, and we’ve closed the book on the strangest semester I’ve ever had as a teacher. As I think back on it, I keep returning to one remarkable detail: we had no positive student cases of COVID this semester.

Not a single one.

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How to Start the Conversation About Applying to College

Posted by Katie Daane on Dec 2, 2020 10:00:00 AM

For parents, the conversation of where their child is going to attend college often begins at an early age, for some, as early as the elementary years. But for students, the college admissions process isn’t considered until the junior, even senior year, of high school. It can be extremely beneficial to start the conversation earlier in their high school years about applying to college.

Your son doesn’t need to know what career he wants or where he wants to attend college to begin this conversation. Read on for a few ways to start the conversation about applying to college, as well as steps to make the process easier.

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Topics: Residential Life & Co-curricular Activities, College & Life Preparation

Historical Times. Historical Wins.

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Nov 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM





No one can deny that education looks different this year. Masks, social distancing, virtual classes, and alternating schedules have now become part of everyday life for families. Parents are balancing new forms of education with the variable that on any given day, schedules may need to be completely reworked. 

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How and Why You Should Build Your Network in High School

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Nov 2, 2020 7:00:00 AM

A few years ago, a senior at St. Lawrence Seminary High School was applying to the prestigious United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. The Rector at the time helped write a letter of recommendation for him and also put him in touch with an alumnus of St. Lawrence Seminary who had graduated from the Naval Academy.

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Topics: College & Life Preparation

5 Tips to Be Successful in 8th Grade

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Oct 15, 2020 10:48:49 AM

As 8th graders enter their final year of middle school, it’s important to further develop good habits for high school. These tips will help them prepare for the transition from middle to high school.

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Topics: Academics, College & Life Preparation

What is the Value of a Catholic Education?

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Sep 1, 2020 12:49:00 PM

When considering a Catholic school, many parents ask themselves: what’s the value of this education? The benefit of a Catholic school is the holistic approach to teaching resulting in a well-rounded education for your child. Catholic schools impart a lifelong spiritual commitment evidenced in graduates by their civic responsibility, discipline and humility. Studies suggest that students who attend private high schools will have higher college GPAs and a higher likelihood of graduating than students who attend public high schools (source). A Catholic education can even provide advantages beyond what secular private schools can offer.

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Topics: Faith & Formation, Mission & Values

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going to a Boarding School for High School

Posted by Rick Voell on Aug 3, 2020 10:49:00 AM

Many parents decide to put their children in a traditional high school setting without considering the benefits of an alternative high school experience. If parents would take the time to research and consider choosing boarding school for their high school-age children, they would see the benefits of an option like boarding school over traditional high school.

There are many benefits of attending a boarding school. Here are the top three that have a lasting impact on a student’s future.

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Topics: Boarding School for High School, Academics

What is Boarding School Really Like?

Posted by Francisco Sauceda on Jul 7, 2020 5:51:00 PM

For most people, boarding school is a little mysterious. While pop culture has dramatized boarding school stories, the reality is quite different. Boarding school offers an immersive educational experience that is both challenging and rewarding for students. And with very small class sizes, an excellent college matriculation rate and a diverse student life environment, boarding school is not to be passed on lightly. So, what is boarding school really like?

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Topics: Boarding School for High School, Residential Life & Co-curricular Activities